symlinks with nginx (e.g. typo3)

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  1. itsolon

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    we installed The perfect server debian 9 with nginx ... good tutorial simply copy and paste

    unfortunately the nginx does not follow symlinks as needed in typo3
    (thats not correct, it seems to follow 1 level of symlinks, but in typo3 you need 2 levels
    typo3_src -> typo3_src-x.x.xx
    index.php -> typo3_src\index.php
    typo3 -> typo3_src

    this means from index.php to the "real" index.php there are 2 steps
    from index to symlinked typo3_src\index.php
    from typo3_src\index.php to symlinked typo3_src-x.x.xx\index.php

    can you please tell me how to get nginx adjusted to work like this?
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  2. till

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    disable_symlinks off;

    inside the http { } section of the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file and restart nginx.
  3. itsolon

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    Hello Till this didnt work for me
    i assume i made mistake myself
    because i did
    ln -s typo3-src typo3
    and i should
    ln -s typo3-src/typo3 typo3

    it was late
    sorry for that

    now even without your disable_symlinks off; it works

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