Symlink over NFS?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by C0nfused, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Hi Guys and Guysesses

    A couple of years ago I managed to stumble my way through building an NFS file server using the Debian network installer

    I 'think' I've learnt some stuff along the way, but I struggle with Linux to be honest and was hoping someone could point me to an answer to my query

    I have two HDD's mounted as /shares and /shares2. These are shared in /etc/exports as the same names to two different IP's. One with rw and one ro access.

    All working a treat so far

    What I wanted to do was combine these two ro mounts into one RO directory, for the RO IP access

    I created a directory called /test and made two symlinks (ln -s) to the mount points

    On the server I can go to /test and do an ls, all the files from both drives show up

    Brilliant I thought!


    Added /test to /etc/exports

    However when I mount the /test share from the client nothing shows up in the listing. It's completely empty

    I've had very limited success using mount --bind. But only one (the last one I mount) shows up in the /test dir on the client. But both mount --bind's show when I type the mount command on the server.

    IS there anyway I can achieve what I want to do, ie have all files from both HDD's show in one directory? I only need / want this to be read only.

    Thanks so much for any pointers

    Very C0nfused!

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