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    I have a typical install of ISPConfig on Ubuntu 20.04. It is a cloud server with limited diskspace. But I can add "volumes" which I can increase up to 10 TB. I had one Website running before I added the volume. So I had /var/www/clients/client1/web1 for the website.
    The volume is mounted to /mnt/my_space
    I copied /var/www/clients to /mnt/my_space/clients (with rsync -a), renamed the original /var/www/clients to ....clients_orig and set a symlink "clients" pointing to the /mnt/my_space/clients. Everything was done while apache was stopped.
    The existing website is running with no problems, but if I create a new website in ISPConfig, the folder /var/www/client1/web3 is not created.
    cron.log shows:
    Can you tell me, if using a symlink is not possible in this constellation? How can I get this working, so that all client-data are placed on the volume?
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    You could just mount your extra volume right at /var/www, or if you like it where it is, use a bind mount instead of a symlink to have the files accessible.
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    Thank you very much. "bind mount" was the solution. Everything is working now.
    I added an entry to fstab with same parameters like ispconfig adds the bind mounts for the log directories.
    Great support :)
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