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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by jbonlinea, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. jbonlinea

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    Hi guys
    Today is a great day, i'm ready to switch to Linux as my primary OS ! Finally !
    I'm confident I won't regret my choice, but I have yet some few (plenty of) questions.
    I've already covered most, but I may need quite a bit of support to be fully satisfied, as my aim is also to gain greater control and understanding of what ma I doing and using.

    First, I've considered various distro, but I assume starting with Ubuntu is probably the best choice.
    I aim to use the computer for Research, SIG, and web developement (with a fair share of web design, data visualisation etc.)

    I'm not sure if I shoud open a thread for each, or go step by step with this tread ?
    I'll start by one and you'll tell me.

    I now about Lamp and Xamp, and it'll work, as a web server, for sure.
    For now I4ve been using a bit Mamp pro, for early development, and quickly moving my project to my VPS. The later was set up with ISPC folowing this tutorial ; it's darn great althought I do not use many of it's features, however I do use several virtual host, with three version of php (5.6, 7.0, 7.1), with custom php setting on each Vhost, some cron job, with etc.
    The question I have, is what would be the best way to set up my computer as local development server ?
    I obviously won't use it for production, but want to be able to test in real life/condition everything I may implement elsewhere.

    Thank's for your advises

    One of the underlying question is, if I don't install ISPC, then how may I handle various vhost locally, set php settings, and access to it, etc.
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    I use Debian GNU/Linux on my workstation, have been using it since 1996. I do development work, writing, reading etc.
    If your workstation is powerfull enough you can install virtual hosts using virtualbox or some other software. Then install ISPConfig in that virtualhost. Or get another computer, install ISPConfig there and keep it running all the time for servers to be always available.
    You do not need LAMP etc, just install apache2 (or nginx) and web server works. Install mariadb or mysql for database.
  3. jbonlinea

    jbonlinea Member

    thank's for your reply
    Having a second computer isn't much of an answer in my case as I also want to be able to work on the move.
    I do also have a synology NAS which is set up as a web server, but it's slow and not very efficient when on the move.

    I mentioned lamp because I'll need web-server with php as well as maria db, plus other component such as dependence mananger.

    Otherwise using a virtual machine for the web server is quite a good idea, as I would be able to use the same distribution and settings as on my production server, or as on the sever I deal with for various projects ; I actually considered using virtual machine but for other purpose.

    I'm having my new laptop tomorow, it's an i7-8550 with 16Go of ram so it should be ok for virtualising ubuntu server or debian server when I'll be the only client.
    However, my dumb mind can't stop thinking that it's a bit of a waste of resources, not so good for power cunsumption and battery life.

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