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Discussion in 'Technical' started by armedsodomy, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Hello members! I'm in a jam. My friend has his business on ispconfig. The host was asked to move the site from ispconfig, to cpanel. I spoke to another hosting company (too compare how long it would take), and they said that that could take up to 3 days to do it (if there were problems).

    the disk space is 496mb out of 5gigs used. i have no idea what version ispconf it is as it doesn't say. I could see that phpmyadmin was on version 2. something but i stopped my work as i am not using outdated software to install to.

    all the site has is pictures really. there is no database, its just html. you click products, you see them, click them, read them and then exit. no purchasing or loggin in at all. eventually the html will have a "buy now" button coded in when the store aspect is created.

    I don't have remote access to the server to modify or update anything in it. i only have access to ispconfig.

    we are on like day 5 or 6 now and we don't have a word from the host. My question is, based off of what i said above, does it make sense that this little site isn't on cpanel after 5 days? I never installed cpanel before, but i am pretty confident it isn't that big of a deal for someone who is in the field!
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    Your going to need to login to phpmyadmin and make a backup of your database. Are you sure that your not using a mysql database for the pictures? I mean some one is hardcoding your images and not dynamic?

    Well if you dont have a database you need to get a backup of /var/www/clients/domainname.com

    Thats where all your files should reside. If its just one site PM me or email for help.

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