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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kkonline, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I have installed ispconfig; and now want to install joomla for which the requirement is to turn of safemode ; how do i turn it off?

    Secondly i have extracted all the joomla fileds to /var/www/web1/web is this path ok
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    The easiest way is just to untick the option it in the site setup module. However if you are running Joomla, I strongly suggest you read their forums and security FAQ's in securing php especially in terms of disabling certain functions.

    In terms of having extracted the files, that is fine, but assuming you did this in the shell, you should chown all the files to whatever your joomla ftp user is and group it to web1. e.g chown -R web1_joomla:web1 /var/www/web1/web/* (I think thats what I do). Otherwise the FTP layer in Joomla won't work, and root will own everything. You will want to do this prior to running the web installer, also you will want to have created a database for web1 as well.

    The other thing to do before going to the installer that will make your life easy is to create an empty file called configuration.php, then chmod 777 configuration.php (and chown as above if necessary). After install change it to 644 or 444, and all your directories to 755 and files to 644 (although by default they should be in a fresh install).

    And finally - as soon as you have installed, change your username from admin to something else.
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