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    I have an HP ProCurve Switch 1810-24G that crashes every Friday since 30 December.

    Our Switch is hosted in a Datacenter in which it has air conditioning and regulated power.

    Currently we use it for 3 virtualization servers running OpenVZ with about 100 virtual machines (VPS) over Internet.

    Friday 30 Dec. 18H *CRASHED* - Firmware updated to V.2.2
    Friday 6 Dec. 14H *CRASHED* - Enabled options: flow control, Storm control, Auto DoS.
    Friday 13 Dec. 18H *CRASHED* - ?

    Problem Description:
    All Switch ports begin to make flashing lights.
    To solve the problem we just have to disconnect and reconnect it.
    (I attach a screenshot of the network traffic until time of the crash.)

    Anyone have an idea of ​​the cause of these chrash?
    May you recommend a reference of an good Switch that fits my needs? (to replace this one)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you updated the switch's firmware to the latest version? Have you contacted HP's technical support? FWIW: ProCurve switches come with a lifetime warranty. :)
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    BTW: If you're really going to run 100 VM's on three hosts, you should really consider building a redundant network architecture so that, when one segment of the network "crashes", the hosts can use the second segment. FWIW: ProCurve switches are inexpensive and readily available (e.g., eBay).

    Just my $0.02,

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