SVN on Fedora, for use with developing PHP pages

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    SVN on CentOS, for use with developing PHP pages

    Hey everyone,

    Excuse my non-existing knowledge in this matter and my lack of search for a solution.
    But I can't say I know what I'm really searching for.. At least not the name of the solution..

    I'm looking for a SVN solution for my webserver on which I develop a few different sites.
    What I want is a revision control to "go back" a step or two when I've messed something up and for example
    don't know how to get back or for any other reason I would like to go back in history without having to
    "code it back".

    So, what I need is a SVN setup for my www folder in which I have ISPConfig running and have several WebX folders.
    Is this something that would be possible to do?

    Are there any tutorials here in HowToForge for it?
    I'm using CentOS 5.5, but I guess it should be possible to set it up on any linux system without too much changes.

    What software should I install and how to configure it all?

    I hope someone could help me, cause I'm going nuts ;)

    Thanks in advance for your kind help!

    I'm going to use Zend Studio for development, is there anything special I need to think about then?
    For default operation I would like the whole SVN process to be more or less invisible, so I could just focus
    on developing the pages ;)

    I'm using CentOS, not Fedora.. that was my last server..
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