Supports for acme v2 wildcard

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    As I search for the implementation of acme v2 wildcard, I found that by Neilpang already implemented it.
    Further samples for multi subdomains with wildcard can be seen in here.
    I am not sure whether certbot has implemented it but it already stated:
    Since the ETA is 28 February 2018, I think it should be available via certbot as well, soon enough.

    I am not sure when ISPConfig will add this in but most probably in version 3.1.12 or above?
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    It is planned to add suport for wildcard subdomain SSL certs with LE, but as these certs require dns auth and not webroot auth, we'll have to develop mechanisms for dns auth in ISPConfig first before we can implement that. DNS auth is a bit tricky as it works only when dns for that zone is managed within ISPConfig if that's not the case, the the user must manually add a token to the dns server where he manages dns for that domain before he can request an ssl cert. so as you can see, a lot more potential issues with LE where users might struggle :)
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