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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Wisdown, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Wisdown

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    I'm willing know if you guys have plan to ISPConfig support BSD system.

  2. mmidgett

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    I think it would be a great addition to the list of operating systems. I am starting to deploy some freebsd systems into my network. I just migrated my secondary and third name server to freebsd 9.2 I have to add the zone files by hand at this exact moment but soon I will figure a way not to have to do this.

    I have been using ispconfig and ubuntu lts releases for a long time now and other than wishing someone would make a really great template and a little more automation I have been extremely happy with the systems that I manage.

    I've even thought about deploying just because it supports freebsd and I want to switch operating systems. But then learning a new CP and the inner workings is not available at the moment.

    I'm not a developer just a dreamer and a sysadmin that is looking for something different.

    After all this being said, Till would you mind if I tried to get a kickstarter project going and port the CP to be able to work on BSD? I can ask some BSD developers to look into it and see if they might be interested.
  3. Wisdown

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    I'm same boat as you mmidgett.

    Was using debian 6 + ISPConfig for almost two years, then at July/2013, I did a distro-upgrade and then my nightmare begins...

    Lot of errors and slow performance.

    Now, in december I have plans to format all and start from scratch, this time I will try the BSD world, I got amazing reviews and benchmarks on DragonFly for webserver and database server.

    I did an look on zPannelCP also, but, seems this CP doesnt support multiple servers like I do on my setup:

    1 Primary DNS Server
    1 Secondary DNS Server
    1 Database Server
    1 Cache Server (Varnish)
    1 WebServer Apache
    1 Mail Server (Dovecot)
    1 Subversion Server (Git)

    (As firewall I use pfSense)

    Without ISPConfig support i will try mix this tutorial:
  4. Wisdown

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  5. zenny

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    +1 for freebsd
  6. till

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    I dont see a general roadblock for freebsd support in ISPConfig. There are many small things like the installer class, different quota tools, firewall, different paths that has to be adjusted or made configurable to support freebsd tools, but the majority of features should work out of the box. We just have to find a way to fund the initial development and later the maintenance of this platform as this will only work when there are either volunteers that dedicate their time to this or when we can hire developers to do the work as our current resources are bound to the ISPConfig core development and support for the various Linux distributions.
  7. mmidgett

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    Till please pm me with what your best guess on funding will be to support the BSD system.

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