suPHP and mod_vhost_alias

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    How do i make suPHP work, when im having a virtual hosting system, where im going to use vhost (mod_vhost_alias) to asign users DOCUMENT_ROOT.
    As it is, suPHP is installed, but I can't run anything on it. It tells me that i need to set suPHP_UserGroup ?
    I have in proftpd asigned the users with a id, and it only exist in mysql.

    So what do i do to make this work, right now im using a script there reloads the server each time a user is created, and it's starting to take over 5 min to reload, so i would like just to have mod_vhost_alias and suPHP running side by side if possible.

    Also im not using suPHP right now, because just got to know it, and it sound better than disabling alot of functions/classes.

    Also a last thing. It should be possible to run as the user or server, but still the same restrictions.


    Hope some one can help. :)

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