suhosin make test fails; centos5.2 php5.2.17

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by public_domain, Apr 22, 2013.

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    did not do a patch

    PHP_SAPI : cli
    PCWD : /root/install/suhosin-0.9.33
    #> phpize
    #> ./configure
    #> make
    #> make install
    [restart httpd]
    make test
    Tests failed : 27 ( 93.1%) (100.0%)

    guessing... goto php5.3?
    [any help appreciated and credited. tyia]

    ===22 april
    using the program as instructed
    seems to be working just fine;
    master values work, locals work, error alerts ok
    works on a per site basis
    if there is something i am missing that isnt obvious,
    suggestions and advice always welcome.
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