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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by johjoh2k, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. johjoh2k

    johjoh2k New Member

    Hello, I have two suggestion for future release of ISPconfig:
    - the ability to enable or disable by default when creating an "Email Mailbox" under "Mail Filter" the voice "Move Spam Emails to Junk directory" (occasionally I forgot to check it when I add a new mailbox, I thought that will be selected under "System" "System Config" "Mail")
    - the ability to create an "Email Alias" "[email protected]*" (* for all domains) to a really specific Email Mailbox (example source: [email protected]* to [email protected])

    Thank you for all :)
  2. jcsites

    jcsites New Member

    This is a cool suggestion.
  3. johjoh2k

    johjoh2k New Member

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