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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by scars230, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. scars230

    scars230 New Member

    I have the following resources in my VPS :-

    CPU Cores : 1
    Guranteed Memory : 256 MB
    Burst Memory : 512
    Bandwith : 1000 gb
    OpenVZ Virtualization

    Now I am a little confused on choosing the correct softwares.
    My Needs are the following :-

    1. Only one domain needs to be hosted on this vps
    2. There should be normal things like forums, support tickets, etc.
    3. E-Mail Server
    4. A few miscellaneous things.
    5. FTP Server
    6. The web site / Domain would have approximately 500 registered users only.

    I am to decide on the packages i have to use such as web server, and everything else so that i don't cross the resource limits of my vps.

    Please Advice
  2. damir

    damir New Member

    Taking everything in consideration of the stuff you are going to host, i can say now that VPS is going to run out of memory really quickly.

    Try to bump that memory to 1gb or 2gb.

    - Apache 2 (Needs to optimized)
    - Nginx (Lightweight and easy on VPS)
    - Lighttpd (Lightweight webserver)
    - Php 5
    - Mysql

    I would go with Nginx.

    - Postfix
    - Amavisd-new (Spam and antivirus interface for MTA)
    - Spamassassin
    - Clamav

    For mail, i would consider Google Apps. One less service to host and manage.

    - Pureftpd

    Other stuff
    - Iptables (Firewall)

    If you want to you can install ISPconfig 3 to have a nice interface for your services but if you only gonna host one domain than ISPConfig3 is maybe overkill.

    Good luck :)
  3. scars230

    scars230 New Member

    I completed everything under 100 MB ram usage :D
    Under loads it would go say 2.5 times thats 250 MB well under my 512 MB burst-able limit :)
  4. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    Wait until you get some load on it, memory usage will rise since you got everything running on it .. trust me ;-)

    I'd suggest using sftp instead of ftp if you're the only one (or only a few people) that will be going to use it.

    Also, take damir's tip in consideration and use google apps to handle your e-mail, it will save you A LOT of hassle and less load/memory.
  5. scars230

    scars230 New Member

    I took Damir's advice and I am using google apps :)
    No FTP server installed on it . . .
    Didnt see the need to it.

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