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  1. Brett Wilton

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    Just some quick feedback on the subscription FAQ page
    Item 6. What payment gatesways do you offer ? section has a link to RBS WorldPay.
    Clicking on that link will go to site unreachable which for most people would start making one nervous.
    The Buy Subscription green button at the top of this page also fails.
    Using the Subscribe link and then WorldPay works but gets you to which makes one nervous as that does not match your previous RBS WorldPay and going to the actual World Pay site has all new logo's not the blue in the dispatcher page.
    In a world of scams this is not the best of looks, doing some research I see that RBS World Pay has been purchased at some point which would explain the differences.
    I ended up using PayPal but thought I would just let you know the above.
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  2. till

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    Thanks, Bratt, I will update the FAQ page. Seems as if Worldpay (formerly RBS Worldpay) changed some of their website URL's.

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