subnet mask and gateway

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  1. smokinjo

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    I am still learning the basics of linux, so I need help with my latest quest.

    I was given a used managed switch. But, the default network is
    I figured out where I can change it to the local network IP 0f 192.168.0.x

    The problem that I am having is on the same screen where it asks me to change the IP, it also asks me for:
    subnet mask

    I am not well versed enough to know what to put in these spaces.

    Might some one be able to let em know what I should enter for the subnet mask and gateway?


  2. Taleman

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    Try this for subnets:
    Also I believe Wikipedia explains all you need to know about TCP/IP subnet.
    The gateway is default router in that subnetwork. Spy it from a working host on that subnetwork or ask you network admin.

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