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  1. petergus

    petergus New Member

    Im trying to set up subdomains to act a separate site (get their own dir in var/www)

    i've added a new site and set the hostname to the sub domain name, and everything else as normal (no co-domain)

    the directories did show up in var/www but the sub domain dont go anywhere, dont work.

    did i miss something? i did search the docs and forum, only found something about forwarding co-domains but i need the sub domains to have their own 'user' and be outside of the main domains user dir.

    maybe it needs more then 24 hours to populate, not sure why though...

  2. petergus

    petergus New Member

    ok, so maybe i have to A name records to the registar, but seems like there should be way to do it and not mess with the DNS records...?
  3. petergus

    petergus New Member

    ok, confused...

    i created a new site, used the subdomain in the hostname like aboe, added a record, it works.

    however, i wanted to make an FTP account for this site, so added a user and now i can login but it takes me to /user/username/web, but the actualy files display at are at /web

    so i have to locations for index.htm. weird. dont get it...
  4. petergus

    petergus New Member

    ok, i fixed that. when setting up the "user and email" have to check Administrator.

    still confused how to avoid a name records on my godaddy registar.
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You cannot avoid creating DNS records for your subdomains (unless you have a wildcard record for the domain (like *, and your subdomains use the same IP address as the wildcard record.
  6. petergus

    petergus New Member

    right! big duh ;)

    set hostname * and IP in the godaddy DNS manager, all working.

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