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    We are most likely going to use ISPConfig3 on our servers, I have a question that I hope someone will help with though :)


    We have existing webhotels that are like:

    I can easilly make web be public_html instead, but I also want a virtual host createde that uses /cms as document root instead of /web.

    As far as I can see the way subdomains are made in ISPConfig3 a subdomain is required to be inside the webscope for the main site? Which I want to avoid, for a few obvious reasons, mostly that having them in each webscope is more secure.

    Did I miss something, and is this possible already?

    I might as well write what would be perfect for me:
    If I can somehow have multiple vhost templates. So I can pick one when I create a new website for example a "Std website", "CMS-Website", and so on. Where each VHost is different. - Or something like that :)

    Thanks :)

    I hope someone have the answer for me, Thanks
    - Lasse
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    Very bad idea. Your installation will break on the next update. You should modify your website instead.

    Thats depends on how you create the subdomain. If you need a subdoamin with a separate folder, just create a new domain and enetr in the domain field.

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