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  1. ignasigarcia

    ignasigarcia New Member

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how subdomains work in ispconfig3. I come from other isp manager where subdomains are treated as ispconfig3's domain (you create one subdomain by typing its URL, the system assigns you a folder to place the web site, and you upload it). So, can anybody help me understand how ispconfig3 works here?

    Let's say I want to create a, which is different from So I have created a domain and set in Auto-Subdomain the value www

    No I create a subdomain. However, I do not know what values I should set for Domain, Redirect Type (btw, can someone explain what those values mean?), Redirect Path

    Thanks very much in advance

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    A subdomain is a alis which points to the same website then the website of the domain. so if you add a subdomain to the website then pints to the same website folder.

    If shall have its own vhost, the simply add a new domain
  3. atjensen11

    atjensen11 New Member

    I was going to ask a similar question as the original poster as I was struggling with understanding how the subdomain concept works as well.

    Like the original poster, I thought the subdomain feature would allow for provisioning different hosts (www, blog, webmail, etc.) in front of a client's domain.

    According to Till's response, the subdomain feature creates an Alias domain. If that is true, how is this different than the Alias Domain feature within ISPConfig3? Wouldn't these be duplicates? The input fields are slightly different between the two, but it sounds as though they do the same thing.

    Can one of the developers give a scenario of why and when a user would use these two features?

  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Many hosting providers separate subdomains and other domains in their hosting offers so we have to functions for this to be able to limit them separateley as for a subdomain no additional fees for the registry apply while you will have to register a domain at the registry when it is not a subdomain.
  5. ignasigarcia

    ignasigarcia New Member

    ok. I understand that now. However, I've been looking through the forum and documentation on the parameters for Redirection Type and Redirection Path. Could you explain them?


  6. LightVision

    LightVision New Member

    For me, a subdomain is exactly what the word subdomain means: a sub-domain of the domain; and for that subdomain there must be a way to setup a document root in the document-root of the main domain (as a subfolder).

    As long as you treat subdomains in that way you do there is no guarantee that another user couldn't register a sobdomain of my domain.

    Bad approach plus a waste of resources. Maybe for that subdomain i wouldn't another user to administrate or another e-mail address. Maybe I want to mix the same data for the domain and subdomain in one SINGLE database - with only one root-user and only one password.

    What you call subdomain is in fact an alias for redirection and that i could do myself through .htaccess

    And, by the way, if you ever change the approach of subdomain, you should inplement as the father's pannel do (you know what i meant)

    And because the way you implement the subdomains i couldn't use htaccess to implement it in the correct way.
    Tryed in both 2 and 3.

    Sory, I am dissapointed but for the moment i have no other options than ispconfig. and i'll choose 2 because interface is esier than 3 (anyway, 3 looks better)
    Sorry again.
  7. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    I'm totaly agreeing with LightVision. The subdomain in ISPConfig 3 ist just a alias domain. I know some of the Hoster are doing that what till wrote, but not all. A lot of Hosters are also doing the way what LightVision described.

    I would love to see that the ISPConfig Team could also implement this way, because I think its nice to have on main DocumentRoot and in that separate ones for subdomains. So you can access all files with one FTP-ACC.

    PS: I'm using at the moment for my Webserver Plesk, and this feature is the major one I use. But I will change to ISPConfig as soon as I have time to make the necessary arrangements for the Transfer.

  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Just click on new domain and enter in the domain field: instead of just and you have a separate web root for your subdomain.
  9. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    Yes but not in the main DocumentRoot of my Domain!
  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If you want to have the subdirectory in the same directory then use the subdomain feature of ispconfig plus a rewrite rule to redirect to the subdirectory. thats what the rewrite rukes are for. Simply add a rewrite rule that rewrites to a folder instead of a URL and that does not change the URL in the browser.
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  11. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    Thanks that will do it for the time, but it isn't a great solution for a Provider.
  12. LightVision

    LightVision New Member

    About rewrite rulles:
    Not tested in ISPConfig 3, but in ISPConfig 2 worked after 2 weaks of testings and tones of forums readed.
    And when finaly managed to do that, the redirection from non-www to www (canonical) forms of url works only for the main domain, not for sub-domains that i was created in that way.
    And the problem was that in non-www url-style was getting always the shared-IP. A big problem for myself

    The simplest way to implement that feature is to introduce a new field(for subdomains) which allowed to enter the name of sud-domain and the document root(alway relative to root-document of the domain).
  13. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This thread is about ispconfig 3 and not 2. Rewrite rules in ispconfig 2 and 3 are different and you can not compare them.
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  14. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    That is a good idea!
  15. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The field is already there but you all refuse to use it ;) Just enter the subdirectory and click on save. Thats it, really easy.

    See attached Screenshot.

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  16. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    Sorry my fault!!!!!!!!!!!

    But could you explan this Redirect Type(L, R, LR)
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  17. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This are the redirect "types" from apache.

    R: the URL changes to the new path in the browser URL input field.
    L: the URL does not change in the browser URL input field.
    L,R: Dont remember the exact behaviour of this at the moment. For details take a look at the apache rewrite guide, it should be explained there when to use which type.
  18. CyD

    CyD New Member

    It was my hope that after configuring a subdomain (including the redirect), the folder that I defined in the 'Redirect path' field would be created in the web root folder. Any thoughts on that?

  19. loge

    loge New Member


    yeah, would love that too. A redirect into the "web" folder of my "owning" domain is ok but not that elegant....

  20. tedeu

    tedeu New Member

    I am new to this,
    please give some examples so others like me (i am shure i am not allone) could help them selfs here with knoledge !

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