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  1. Daisy

    Daisy New Member

    since I'm newb, I thought I'd bundle these two questions together.

    1) I have figured out how to add sub domains in the DNS manager but how do you get them pointed to a specific folder for a website?

    2) is there any way to manually add a FTP user or is there any way to not lock a user into their home directory?
  2. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Some help

    I do not know if i understand your questions correctly, but i try to help:

    To make a sub-domain, within ISPConfig, you can create a co-domain.
    You can create a co-domain via >ISPManager > select your web > goto the Co-domain tab, and create a co-domain there.

    For example: if you create "webmail" as hostname and "" as domain name, you'll be able to point to in your browser.

    Within ISPConfig every domainuser has FTP-access.
    (when FTP-access is enabled on the Basis tab, of course).

    The user which is marked as administrator can upload the site to
    When other users are uploading a website, it will be visible via the Internet on URL

    (Username, not an allias).
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  3. Daisy

    Daisy New Member

    I got the co domains thing but how do you tell it where to point?

    i.e. points to /web3 points to /web3/subdomain
  4. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You can also create subdomains on your main domain by creating a new website like

    To do so, create a new website with "mail" as the hostname, not www.
    In that case, you point to your new independed website.
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