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    hi all
    i being looking at an video hosting script
    and well , my mind went into overtime
    i got a thing about diskless systems
    and was thinkinh of making an sub-diskless servers
    where the core OS is networked booted ,but there is an local hdd for swap and uploaded videos
    before they encoded

    if anyone like more let me know

    so on ones like something like that ... oh well. i will keep this info to myself for the time , to i get around on doing an howto setup an sharing site and using this type of setup
    gotta love a mad mind, its a good thing at times, or i'm starting to go mad
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  2. zcworld

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    sorry, all im not going to be able to do the sub-diskless howto as i was liking/ hoping to do

    problems with my home life, and so on, so im going to be moving, and dont know when/ if im able to get `online to finish my post
  3. zcworld

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    hi all ... being a while and so on

    if you want a copy of my work on diskless and sub-diskless systems let me know via PM and i will email you an copy of the work,

    the work is free to share but let me know first where its being posted to and i would like credit for the work

    you can fix up any problems in there
    im sure there are some here and there but thats what happens when you try to do an big and hard type of system howto

    im redoing it from start the diskless system
    in parts

    i got 4 parts worked out just need time to type it all up and test it and than retest it again to make sure there are no errors in it and i got it as best as i can have it

    the working on the fly and typing is the hard part of it all , and tring to find any / all the problems that im going to run into

    like what happen now
    i got the problem of ssh keys not being made for me , in the new way of doing it all,

    and im saving myself time and use of another system in this way , due to its being installed on the boot node server

    to keep updates on what happen in my work n stuff via

    and email me at zc world @ gma

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