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    Dear Falko & HowToForge Staff and members...

    First of all, thanks for a great tutorial. I feel almost capable using this tutorial :)

    1. I am following your tutorial The Perfekt Server - ISPConfig 2 - Ubuntu 10.04 to make a webserver for my projekt on UNI in Denmark, my personal website and for testing HTML stuff. This is all good, but, having reached chapter 16 I just discovered that I made a stupid mistake! In the tutorial we are told that regarding IPnumber, servername etc. we will have to replace it using our own setup - and that this servername is what you used your system: I replaced the IPnumber with my machine IP, But I only corrected the servername not the domain, thinking that mayby this was done later on. But having reached chapter 16 I now know better! (sample: - my replacement: My server is called, as you see webserver1 to be used with mydomain.tld and therefore I am announcing myself as the sucker of the year. But please help me.
    I have been going trough he toturial from the beginning and found that correcting (chapter 7) /etc/host with both my servername and will correct it here. To restart with the right information is this ok?
    echo > /etc/hostname
    /etc/init.d/hostname restart

    hostname -f

    The next place I found the error is in chapter: 15 Postfix With SMTP-AUTH And TLS. Will it be necessary to do the whole chapter again? And if, what is the rigt place to be located in the prompt. Right now I am [email protected]:/etc/postfix/ssl# - does it matter at all when we are using the commands that we do?

    2. Another thing I was trying hard get through was also in chapter 15. (Afterwards we create the certificates for TLS:)
    mkdir /etc/postfix/ssl
    cd /etc/postfix/ssl/
    openssl genrsa -des3 -rand /etc/hosts -out smtpd.key 1024

    After the last line I was asked to: "enter pass phrase for smtpd.key" I did not known if this was another user/password situation like with MySQL - so I looked for Info onLine to find some answers, and this is where I found the best answer. If it is the right answer I am not certain about.:
    Regarding some of the question you are asked I was very confused - this because it is not obvious to beginners what to enter. According to the website mentioned above this is where you enter information regarding your smtp server and a [email protected]:
    # Common Name (eg, YOUR name) []: <-- here you enter the DNS name of the SMTP server
    # Email Address []: <-- typically something like [email protected]

    Is this Infomation needed at all? Is it not possible to edit it later on via the controlpanel ISP?

    Thank you for listening to me - I am looking so much forward to your response :rolleyes:
    PS. Thanks for making it possible for guys like me to have a chance building a real webserver...

    Sincerely Yours
    [email protected]
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