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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ChronicD, May 1, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    Well this year i decided to start learning web design with the intent of starting a career in about two years. Deciding this i started with familiarising myself with php, css, html and sql, but i soon got frustrated with running xamp on my pc (it got really slow... a little old) and so i had a spare computer lying aroung and decided i would make a project out of learning about everything from a grounds up approach. so i researched and settled on installing centos 5.4 64 bit.

    Everything was going well, i ended up installing a couple of times and now have it up and running nicely. I am doing everything in the terminal which has been new and fun for me.

    In anycase i have configured mysql and apache and now have apache working well and mysql still lacks something... but the real problem is php. i dont know why but i cant get it working - i create a php.ini file in the html folder and i just cant see it in the browser. i have spent hours tinkering and trying to understand (the best way to learn) but am truly baffled now.

    i was following this guide, but i left out all the mail, dns dhcp server stuff. since i have read numerous others... no progress.

    So at this point i registered on howtoforge and asked for help.

    what i am missing - i am sure it is something simple?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi sorry about that it was a typo, i actually made a info.php file there and yes i had already looked at that thread/guide previously.

    haha but then i thought "hang on info.php - that doesnt sound right so i went back to the browser history and sure enough i had been typing - damnable dyslexia!!! wasted vast quantities of my time.

    so this summarizes my first thread and leaves me feeling sufficiently stupid for the next week at least... sigh

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