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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Ovidiu, May 11, 2013.

  1. Ovidiu

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    Tried to upgrade from Debian squeeze to wheezy and am stuck. Read and tried following a couple of tutorials including the one available here on howtoforge.

    Currently getting this:

    using apt-get -f install suggests:

    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 289 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    5 not fully installed or removed.
    After this operation, 461 MB disk space will be freed.

    So I did not go forward with that.

    Any hints? Google only gives me 2 viable results and both have no real solution.
  2. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

    making slowly progress:

    - edited my sources list, put it all back to SQUEEZE then tried this:


    THEN using this tutorial:

    I changes my sources to match WHEEZY then did an apt-get upgrade which resulted in:

    did apt-get upgrade again and saw this:

    YES, I did use dotdeb at some stage so I removed mysql-client-core-5.5:

    I followed up with an apt-get dist-upgrade and was told all is well but:

    after going through with this, I hit an error which I missed copy/pasting saying something about some libc library needing a 2.6 kernel and I am supposed to add some "LENNY" sources to my sources list but Lenny is way outdated, WTF?

    so currently I'm back to this:

    and then I tried this which brings me back to my original libc6 problem so I guess I'll just have ot go all the way back to squeeze !?

  3. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

    This didn't give any errors apparently so I started it:

    BUT it still resulted in one:

    So it looks like I need to upgrade my kernel:
  4. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

    Found a possible explanation for this but need confirmation: this server is a small VPS from Server4You and I "think" its a XEN VPS so I cannot upgrade my kernel unless they upgrade the host kernel or am I wrong here? Will contact support and ask.

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