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    Hello, I am brand new to linux and am trying to learn as I go. Dangerous right? So I am reading the article "SAMBA (Domaincontroller) Server For Small Workgroups With Ubuntu 6.10" following it step by step with my new install of 7.1 server (I didn't see the 7.1 article till today). I have my static IP in and have edited the /etc/hosts file like it said but I am stuck on the next step. It is done differently in the 7.1 article.

    Question 1) Are the commands for "setting the hostname" one command consisting of 3 lines or 3 seperate commands

    Question 2) If they are one line/ one command I keep getting the -bash /etc/hostname: permission denied error. I used the sudo before typing my command so what gives?

    Question 3)my hostname is dimension the author used fileserver1 for his and then during the editing of /etc/hosts he used server1. Should I have copied his example or traded server1 for dimension?

    I will most likely have more questions on my learning journey the only source of knowledge I have is a book on Unix that I am currently reading and the www.
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    They are three separate commands.

    Replace server1 with dimension.

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