Stress Test Server with ISPConfig 3

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ispconfigMan, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Hi there...

    I am coming from a Windows server background - slightly new to linux. Anyway, I am running Debian 4 on a VPS with the following spec:
    - 384 MB RAM
    - 15 GB Disk (This is fine for my requirements)
    - Upto 2 IP Addresses
    - 150 GB Bandwidth (More than enough for my sites)

    All the above is fine for my requirements except I am unsure about the RAM. Is this going to be enough to run 2 x-cart websites - which have max 10 - 15 people on the site at any one time making a purchase?

    In my testing so far I have been receiving "FATAL ERRORS: out of memory" so I have increased the PHP max memory to 228 MB - and I don't seem to be getting these errors at all anymore. However, is there a way I can stress test my server simulating 20 users on the site for example?

    I understand Linux can run with a lot less RAM than Windows since it does not have the whole desktop GUI thing to deal I right in thinking this VPS is fit for my requirements?

    Should I take other steps to limit the use of resources so that a planned error message could be displayed instead of allowing any amount of users until the server actually crashes?

    thanks in advance.
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