Strange problem with ISPConfig (http/https) failure on static IP

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by poolet, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Ok, According to an article I have read, I have build a CentosOS 6.2 64bit. My hardware contains by, 2 dual cpus, 16GB of ram and 2 NIC interfaces eth0-eth1, after I waste a lot of time to be able to configured the server without GUI, finally I made it works with GUI since seems that the user that create the specific article forgets to mention that phpmyadmin run (as I knew with GUI ) and a lot commands lines aren't work like " vi /etc/hosts " was stuck... Anyway my problem now is that I get 400 error request when I try to reach https://ipaddress:8080 and if http://ipaddress:8080 I get a bunch of errors... The strange thing is that when I try to reach the ISPConfig from another internal pc(my home computer ) it's works :-/ how is that possible ??? That's my first question... My second question is there any other tutorial that explain how to connect a domain name (of a website), with ISPConfig and how to synchronise php with vbulletin?? I have search a lot but get nothing so please if someone knows something please let me know.... Thank you in advance!!!
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    Which tutorial (URL) did you use? Do you use Apache or nginx? Are there any errors in the web server's error log?

    What's the outout of
    netstat -tap

    You must modify the domain's DNS records (www and the domain itself) so that they point to your ISPConfig server's public IP.

    What do you mean with synchronise?
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    Hello falko, thanks for reply..!!

    I am using nginx, and I had used the following tutorial.

    As I mention before a lot of it weren't works with me. For example, I had try to install a lot of time without GUI without results, I was getting "stuck" no error no nothing at the point of "
    vi /etc/hosts
    " and if I was trying to used "
    vim -r /etc/hosts
    " the same thing.. So I conclude that I will need GUI to build a database for customers (I will explain below why)
    another think that I had edit to be able to continue it was,
    chkconfig --levels 235 clamd.amavisd on
    /etc/init.d/clamd.amavisd start
    I was getting forder not found or something.. So I had used
    chkconfig --levels 235 clamd on
     /etc/init.d/clamd start 
    Now my errors are:
    If I try to reach the phpmyadmin from other computers I can do that only with http://, not with https://, is that ok? the same thing here for ISPConfig,
    but ISPConfig I can see it only with https:// and not with http:://

    at the end forget about anything that I mention for vbulletin, I will used phpbb (please let me know your opinion before to continue), What am asking for that is that I want to re-forward the DNS (www and domain) of the website back to the company DNS record, when the server takes the notification by the UPS to shutting down the system. The system and the router takes an order by UPS that the power is off and they must shutting down, so I thought after that, that the website will down if the server is off, if am correct I need with somewhere to re-forward the DNS back to the company, and I will must used 2 databases 1 for the server and 1 for the dns..
    the output of
    netstat -tap

    about the error logs on webserver::
    in this field "Show ISPC cron-log"
    I get nothing error logs....

    on the other side I get the following warning message::
    My question here is:: is that correct??? are my thoughts right ?? if the answer is yes,
    what about the users that they register on the website at the time that the power will be off?? after the power comes back fail2ban will recognise that and will ban the ip address of users?? or I can used some kind of php.ini to copy any changes of database website back on server database??

    Thank you in advance falko..!! Exelent tutorial btw.
  4. falko

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    Take a look here in order to learn vi:

    That is probably ok - depends on how you set up the server and ISPConfig.

    vBulletin is great, but I can't say anything about phpbb as I haven't used it yet.

    I'm not sure how to do this. Also, you have to take into account that other nameservers might cache your records which means that DNS changes won't take effect immediately.

    Looks ok, so ISPConfig should be working (unless a firewall is blocking it).
  5. poolet

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    Thank you so much falko...

    //*Solved *//

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