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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Poliman, Jun 6, 2017.

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    I have found strange file inside bind directory. I have there two files: and They are differ from each other in lines:
    1) 86400 A X.Y.V.Z (first file) 3600 A X.Y.V.Z (second file)
    2) 3600 CNAME (first file) 86400 CNAME (second file)
    www.poczta 3600 CNAME (first file)
    www.poczta 86400 CNAME (second file)
    4) (of course I have two dns records in each file) 3600 NS (first file) 3600 NS (second file)
    5) 3600 TXT "v=spf1 ~all" (first file) 43200 TXT "v=spf1 ~all" (second file)

    What is wrong and where? Maybe should I put whole dns configuration or something?
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  2. till

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    A .err file means that BIND rejected that file so that the last working configuration is used instead. You can use the program named-checkzone to view the error.
  3. Poliman

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    Mhm, understood. I will check and give response. Thanks Till for tip. ;)
    Perfect tool. I had dot in CNAME record at the end of
    Code: 3600  CNAME
    After removed file with .err disappeared. :) Btw is any rule about dots at the end of names? For example I have CNAME as above which gives error with dot, but MX line
    Code: 3600  MX  10
    does not give any error and has dot at the end.
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  4. Yes. If your DNS record is either a domain name of a fully qualified domain name (FQDN: Hostname + Domain name) you put a dot at the end of it wich tells the name server NOT to add the zone name to the record.
    If your DNS record is only a hostname that is part of the zone you leave the trailing dot away telling the name server to actually add the zone name to the record.
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  5. Poliman

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    Thanks for answer. ;) "Zone" means for example domain name from named.conf.local -> zone "" {}? If I understood right, for I can't put dot at the end, because with it record would look like
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  6. Almost.. you HAVE to put either with the dot OR poczta without the dot. Both are acceptable but it's common to use only the hostname without the dot when it's a hostname (and the hostname being only poczta) in your own zone (or domain).
  7. Poliman

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    Thanks for answer. ;) Line below gives error with dot:
    Code: 3600  CNAME

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