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    install a second server debian 6/apache2/ispconfig with roundcube
    the following things has been made:
    *got version 3.03 from the hosting company
    *update distribution
    *update ispconfig
    *crete one client, website, ftp, mail,...
    *update networking to put an ip for a web site (ipfailover)
    *put ssl certificate for the server
    *put ssl certificate for the website

    Then I check.
    Can ftp, send e-mail. Unfortunately cannot receive e-mail in round cube. Can receive e-mail in root.

    Got these strange messages:
    Notice: the second server is almost the same than the first (SSD, cpu, config), so that i don't understand the problem .

    Thanks for your help
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  2. fxs

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    Found this:

    Feb 24 21:42:39 mail postfix/trivial-rewrite[1896]: warning: do not list domain in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains

    line mydestination = ns xxxxxx, localhost, localhost.localdomain

    nsxxxx has been removed from /etc/postfix/ and restart /etc/init.d/postfix restart. We'l see what happens

    No idea of the meaning of other error messages

    thanks for your help
  3. falko

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    Make sure the system time is correct.

    You can correct it with the ntpdate command - see
    man ntpdate
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