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  1. alphaman36

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    After getting my firewall configured correcly, my Wordpress web site (no ssl is enabled) the site will only respond to traffic on ssl
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    you should provide more informations
    like what linux distribution are you using , your network setup , if you're using virtual hosts on your webserver
  3. alphaman36

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    Sorry about that. I am Ubuntu 12.04. Everything is virtual. The network setup is I open the firewall and NAT rules to permit traffic. I open the rule for https and I see the entire conversation (passing the dnat rule, then the firewall inbound rule) I change the rule to http I see it pass the dnat rule but never returns anything back on the packet filter rule
  4. falko

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    What are the outputs of
    iptables -L
    netstat -tap
  5. alphaman36

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    I added the nestat -tap from the firewall. Output is attached. I am guessing that's where the command was to be executed due to the iptables command you wanted executed. I got an error when I ran the iptables -L came back as an invalid command. I am using Astaro as the firewall. The one funny thing I did notice is when the inbound rule is enabled, when the ISP Config web server makes an http request (apt get I am guessing) that http request gets blocked even though the very first rule I have in my firewall is permit all outbounf http requests. As a side note, I see it getting processed by the DNAT rule, but not by the inbound rule, unless it's https then it will pass

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    I also attached the two commands output from the web server itself. The attachment is labeled atlas - netstat and atlas iptables.

    Again thank you for the help, but the problem turned out to be a really weird one. I run a transparent proxy for my internal network and for some reason it was also applying it to the WAN interface. Once I worked around that problem, I was able to successfully get to the web site from the outside. Thank you again for the help with this problem

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