Step-by-Step IPP based Print Server using CUPS

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    I have got into all sort of a mess with this. I have installed Ubuntu Server 12.05 with Cups during installation. Reading elsewhere IPP is the preferred method of putting a printer on the network.

    I have a Canon ip3600 that is connected to the Linux server and I want to print to it from Windows.

    I found it difficult to follow the HowTo as the cupsd.conf file is not as big and the exact lines eg The Below lines restricts web administration access to localhost does not appear. Also the web interface is very basic not like the one in the HowTo.

    As a result the printer is not printing it was visible in Windows and I installed the driver but it's gone now.

    I guess it is hard to answer such a vague problem. I do not want to print directly from the server just from the network. Would I be better downloading Cups from and compiling it as it seems Ubuntu has fiddled with it.



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