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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tapiocapioca, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Tapiocapioca

    Tapiocapioca New Member

    I have a trouble with my statistics. My website have a lot of traffic about one file, so I bought one space ouside my website and I redirected the traffic, to redirect it I went to the menù
    Sites > Redirect > Rewrite Rules rewrite
    and I setup the rule
    rewrite ^/xx.gz$$1 permanent;

    Everything works correctly but the statistics stop to work about the file xx.gz.
    What can I do to see again the statistic about this file?
  2. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    What webserver are you running? If apache, just increase the LogLevel and it will show up in error_log (see .. also the note there about RewriteLog and RewriteLogLevel if on an old apache version). For nginx, search google or wait for someone else to reply. :)
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  3. Tapiocapioca

    Tapiocapioca New Member

    I am using nginx, so i think I need wait :)

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