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    It´s use on another project called DTC verry debian integrated.

    For SMTP, POP, IMAP, FTP (Enfort to make it stable.)

    For HTTP

    I think possibility integrate it on ispconfig3 to count traffic.

    Im looking 2 projects and contribute on both.

    Realtime traffic counter to http, i belive some bugs at MAIL Traffic counter, but packages are interest to implement to trafic control is fundamental information to make any isp and hosting plans work.

    Sugestion to ispconfig3 maturity.

    For me is only major feature necessary to me starts to work on panel.
    My opinion, rest can be done before.

    Any comments. about this.

    Im updated brazilian language files and think about implements another tool no webalizer to show web trafic to clients.

    Team cam be look mysqmail and libapache looking with good eyes.

    Rodrigo Moglia.

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