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Discussion in 'General' started by spanish, May 20, 2011.

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    OVH has two types of certificates:
    • Standard (cheap, only two fields: name of country and domain)
    • Business (more expensive, all fields)
    In the case of standard certificate of OVH:

    If I create it with the 5 fields in ISPConfig, is rejected by OVH:
    Subject is not the expected subject, you request for:
    Please make a request with the subject:

    And if I try to create a standard certificate in ISPConfig with (only) 2 fields, I get the following error:
    SSL State/Province is empty
    SSL town is empty
    SSL Organization is empty
    SSL organizational unit is empty

    Is there any way to create a standard certificate with ISPConfig? That is, that only have two fields: country name and domain.

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    Quite funny that ovh requests to create a incomplete ssl request. All ssl authorities that I know work fine with the requestst created by ispconfig.

    ISPconfig has currently no option to create incomplete certs, so you might have to create a request manually or use a different ssl authorities that accepts standard compliant requests.

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