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    I was trying to install SSL on the site at and after I hit save I could not get to the webpage anymore nor can I get to ispconfig. I can still FTP in and see everything. I rebooted and got an error loading apache2 so I rebooted again and it looked like apache2 loaded ok but still can not access anything other then via ftp. Does this mean I have to start all over? Anyone have any ideas?

    Also noticed Organization was spelled Organisation.

    Just checked and tried to restart apache2 via putty and it fails everytime so something myst be messed you from trying to add the ssl to the site.

    Help :) I am a newbee to debian based systems.
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    Go to the directory /etc/apache2/sites-enabled, there you find a file that has the name of the website were you enabled ssl. Delete that file and restart apache.
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    When you start apache, in a console, it should give you an error message.

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