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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by skulz, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. skulz

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    Hey there, Im pretty new to linux and and custom panels so maybe the questions could be stupid.
    I installed ipsconfig using this guide : And I have some problems:

    1)When i connect to my server it says that the ssl certificate is invalid
    2) Same for the email and thurderbird states they aren't protected.
    Overall what should i do for this ssl certificate? and here we go with the stupid question: it is free or im making a huge mistake?

    3) Thurderbird accepts the emails i created with ipsconfig, i can write and send them but it doesn't find new mails. Instead i can see the new mails only on the squirrel client. How can i fix this?

    I tried tosearch on the forum but couldnt fix these problems (working on the vps by hours...hours.... xd, the rest of ipsconfit seems fixed now :p). thz in advance.
  2. srijan

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    Hi Skulz,

    You can regenerate the certifcates as follows:-

    Finally restart the ISPConfig

  3. till

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    1+2) Thats k. Your browser reports that becaus eits a so named "self signed" ssl certificate. the encryption is as secure as if you would use a commercial ssl cert. If you dont want to get this warning, then you will have to buy a official signed ssl cert or get a free signed ssl cert from

    3) If the mails show up correctly in squirrelmail, then your server setup is ok, you should search the issue in thunderbird then or you use a wrong domain / subdomain for the mailserver in thunderbird. Try to create a new account and select imap as connection protocol and use the ip address of your server as imap and smtp server name.

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