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    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue with SSL. As Reseller I whant to give https access to each client. However I can't figure out how to configure that as It seems to me that I can only have on client at a time with https.

    My server has one public ip and I have a working self signed certificate. also I'm working with the last stable release of ISPConfig, and running it all on a CentOS box.

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    You can have only one SSL certificate by IP address. This is a limitaion of the SSL protocol and not in ISPConfig. Please serch the forums if you want to get more information about this.

    If you want to get more SSL enabled websites, you need more IP addresses.
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    Hi Till,

    yes I know that "limitation" of SSL, But I'm doing virtualhosting, meaning a few domains under the same IP.

    Imagine that I only what to use HTTPS for my domains, I can't?

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    But thats exact the limitation for virtual hosting! You need one IP address for each SSL certificate. One solution that I see ist if you create e.g. one SSL site like and use reverse proxying to make other sites available in the form of
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    It is perfectly possible to have one SSL certificate on one IP address covering multiple domains, although I would not like to try to manage it in a fast changing environment, as the certificate has to be redone each time you add a domain.
    The certificate signing request is set up with the server FQDN as the CN, and a subjectAltName for each vhost domain on the server. In an ISPConfig setup, the individual sites would not have SSL enabled in ISPConfig, and the individual secure site entries would be manually added to the apache2.conf or httpd.conf file below the 'Manual Edit' line.

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