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    Hi all!

    i tried all method to do sincronize my servers through SSH, but always ask for password.
    I make 2 servers for test purposes, in cluster mode with centos 5.6 x86_64, and i eliminate glusterfs, because need high bandwidth, and i want to transfer files between servers with unison.
    i explain here my method:
    on ns2.mydomain.tld

    cmd : mkdir /root/.ssh
    cmd : ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 1024 -f /root/.ssh/ns2-key
    here a left it blank, just i pressed enter key
    cmd : scp /root/.ssh/ [email protected]:/root/
    here ask me yes / no i choose = yes
    also ask for root password, i typed

    from ns1.mydomain.tld
    mkdir /root/.ssh

    chmod 700 /root/.ssh
    mv /root/ /root/.ssh/
    cd /root/.ssh
    touch authorized_keys
    chmod 600 authorized_keys

    Now i go back to ns2.mydomain.tld to check if can in without password
    cmd: ssh [email protected]
    ask for password here. Should don't ask for password. Where i am wrong?
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