SRV record in dns for imap email with postfix

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    I understand from this website there is a way to add SRV record in DNS to autoconfigure email client with imap or pop. This should work in email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook. I know Exchange mailbox uses the autodiscover SRV record.

    I have a postfix server with multiple email domain, but only a certificate for the server domain. Let's say I have and The certificate is only valid for the I would like to configure Thunderbird with the emailaddress [email protected]. Thunderbird should recognise there is a SRV record in DNS for imap and configure the incoming mailserver as

    The SRV record in DNS is: SRV 0 1 587 SRV 0 1 993

    Thurnderbird or Outlook resolves the emailaddress to and not The problem is I'm getting a certificate warning.

    What I'm doing wrong? Maybe it is not supposed to work the way I think.


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    you'll want a cname for autoconfig in client domains dns, pointing to autoconfig.maindomain.tld
    a srv record for _autodiscover._tcp in client domains dns, pointing to autodiscover.maindomain.tld (port 443)

    and you'll want autoconfig and autodiscover A records in your main domains dns, pointing to the ip address of the autoconfig/autodiscover website.
    there's also a plugin to install in ispconfig.

    you can find more details about it all here:

    that said, I'm currently trying it all out myself and am having problems, I think I might need to contact them
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    Many thanks for your reply. I'm going to try this.

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