SquirrelMail problem, can't use webmail

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jaisol99, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Hi All

    OS = Lubuntu - ubuntu 10.04
    isp =
    I only have 1 domain.name set up currently.
    I'm a novice with ispconfig.

    When I type "www.domain.name/webmail or http://domain.name/webmail
    I get error 404 with ispconfig at the bottom

    When I type it works and is using a user created within ispconfig. (it works over my local network).

    If I use the ip address on it's own Apache gives me the default "it works"
    Using www.domain.name ispconfig seems to work ok and gives me the correct index page.
    www.domain.name/phpmyadmin works ok, so I think my dns setup is ok ispconfig resolves the correct web site using www.domain.name or domain.name using my browser.

    I must have missed something when setting up my web site in ispconfig but I can't think what it may be.

    Many thanks for any help

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