squirrelmail opens blank page on port 8080

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    Good morning,
    I followed the tutorial:
    The Perfect Server - Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0) With BIND & Dovecot [ISPConfig 3]
    And I installed ispconfig without activating ssl for interface.
    This installation got the following error for squirrelmail.
    For the domain:
    it opens a blank page.
    for the same domain:
    Squirrelmail it opens normally.
    And for the customer domains also opens normally.
    But in the ispconfig interface is a link to the webmail in front of the mailboxes in the mailbox menu. Soon my clients always open the link http://www.myserver.com.br:8080/squirrelmail and gets a blank page.
    Has anyone experienced this?
    Is there any solution?
    In the error logs for the blank page nothing appears.
    And configtest.php or even squirrelmail only work in http://www.myserver.com.br:8080/squirrelmail
    whether to put the ispconfig manually to be accessed via https.
    But I wish the ispconfig be running over http
    thanks for any suggestions.

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