Squirrelmail (Nutsmail) problem

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DKLeader, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. DKLeader

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    ISPConfig : (multiserver - squeeze)
    Nutsmail : 4.2 (both on new and old)

    Got a bit of a strange problem. I added a new VM to my ISPConfig on which I would like to have my webmail located.

    My problem is that when I log into the new webmail and send an e-mail it seems that the e-mail is being sent. It evens shows in the sent folder. Check the receiving account and the e-mail never showed up.

    Tried to send from the old webmail and everything went fine. If I log in through the old webmail I can see the e-mails in the sent folder that I created using the new webmail.

    From above it seems that dovecot and postfix is working. But I cannot seem to see what I have done wrong or forgotten. Been through both config files to and these are the same. Also checked that ports on the firewall are open.

    Hope someone can help on what I have missed.

    // Jakob
  2. DKLeader

    DKLeader Member

    Still an issue.
    Would appreciate if someone could give me a hint to what I have missed / done wrong.

    Best regards
  3. Croydon

    Croydon ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Have a look in the mail.log of the vm where sending doesn't work correctly.
    Any errors there?
  4. DKLeader

    DKLeader Member

    Log is empty (both mail.err and mail.log)

    Note that the vm only hosts webmail and not the mail server.
    Mail server is on another vm.
    Same goes for my old webmail - this is on its own vm - actually the vm hosting domains - thats why I want to move it away from that vm.
  5. DKLeader

    DKLeader Member

    I could still use some help on this matter.

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