SquirrelMail not working!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sergio.morales, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. sergio.morales

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    Hello everyone. I have an issue with a brand-new install of ISPConfig3. It seems my webmail/squirrelmail isn't working. I cant seem to be able to load it at all, I get the "ERROR 404 - Not Found!"
    Anyone have any clue where I should start to troubleshoot this? I am a total noob when it comes to doing this, so please keep that in mind! LOL!

    Thanks for the help and direction.

  2. sergio.morales

    sergio.morales New Member

    I'm a noob!

    Sorry! I forgot to mention I am running this on Ubuntu 10.10 and there is only one reseller and client defined. I have 3 static IP's defined to ISPConfig, and they are definitely pingable from the real world.
  3. sergio.morales

    sergio.morales New Member


    I can now get to my squirrelmail, but apparently only if I use the IP address, and not the FQDN. I am beginning to think this may have something to do with my DNS records, but I am not sure . . .
  4. sergio.morales

    sergio.morales New Member

    DNS checks out OK

    Well my DNS records check out OK. I am having Verizon fix my reverse DNS entry tonight . . . it is pointing to some cock-eyed servername. Anyway, I am stumped. I can get into the web interface for ISPConfig just fine, whether using the IP address port 8080 or the fully qualified domain name port 8080 . . . If I try to get into the webmail, I get the ERROR 404 again. If ANYONE has a clue, PLEASE help!! I think it must be something I messed up in the ISPConfig setup, but I have no clue what it could be . . .
    Thanks in advance!

  5. till

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    webmail is enabled on the so named default vhost, this vhost is only accessible trogh the IP of the server as long as this ip is not assigned to a website. So if you assigned the ip to a website, then it becomes inaccessible.

    There are two solutions:

    a) access it trogh a different IP, if you have any free ip's on that server.
    b) Create a noew website for webmail in a subdomain and install a webmail client of your choice into that website.
  6. sergio.morales

    sergio.morales New Member

    So let me try to understand

    OK, so what you're saying is that I cannot run the squirrelmail on the same IP as the webserver? Is this stated in the 5 Euro Manual? Just kidding . . . Although I have more free IP's, I'd like to see if I can run it on the same IP. Where/what chapter in the manual has this info?

    Thanks btw for the help!


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