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    I've installed the Squirrel Mail webmail application using the HowTo provided by 'www.howtoforge.com/squirrelmail_ispconfig'; titled "Squirrelmail On Your ISPConfig Server Within 10 easy Steps"; I had to make a few minute changes. The problem is after installing and basic configuration delineated by the "HowTo", my first attempt to log on to my webmail site using the address "http://webmail.mydomain.root", I arrive at a webpage that states in a blue banner at the top of the page "Welcome to webmail.mydomain.root!"; followed by the statement:

    This is the standard index of your website. You can easily delete it or replace it with another file. This is the index.html file in the web directory.

    For questions or problems please contact the server administrator.

    I've gone over my work and I'm at a lost as what to do next to resolve this problem. The minute changes made where:

    (1) #cd /var/www/web1/web/ ,was changed to #cd /srv/www/web4/web/ ;because my webs are stored their

    (2) I had to create user 'www-data' and group 'www-data' using yasts::user/group management in order to use command-line function:

    # chown -R www-data:www-data data
    # chown -R www-data:www-data sqmattachments

    (3) the configuration file was not './config.pl', but './conf.pl' ; located in '/srv/www/web4/web/config/'

    (4) in conf.pl configuration, I defined SMTP as my smtp server; ISPConfig is set for Postfix with maildir checked (management::settings-->Email)

    Beyond that everything was a breeze through, but I'm stuck at "step 8" of the "HowTo".
    Here are some background info that may help you, help me and much thanks in advance.
    I've also found (since starting this post) that I could have used YaST to install Squirrelmail via YaST and scrap his current procedure; and if I do; how do I remove the current partial install and what do I do next? Help!

    OS = openSuSe v.10.2
    c-panel = ISPConfig v.2.2.26
    webmail = Squirrel Mail v.1.4.8
    user profile:
    name = www-data
    group = www-data
    uid = 1002
    home dir. = /home/www-data
    home dir. permission mode = 755 (empty home)
    login shell = /bin/bash
    default group = www-data
    password = xxxxxxxxx

    group profile:
    group = www-data
    gid = 1000
    no password specified

    note: all ports are open, no firewalls are activated, all steps 1 thur 8 of the 'HowTo' have been followed.

    A follow up question, is Squirrel Mail secure; I've found from my attempt to log on for the first time that I can request files out of my '/srv/www/web4/web/' directory via the web, like:

    (i) index.php
    (ii) index.html
    ; among others, is there anyway to pervent this, because how it stands now, anyone on the net can access configuration files concerning Squirrel Mail on my system.
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    You used a tutorial which was written for debian, this might explain your problems. If you install squirrelmail with yast, you will not be able to use it with ispconfig as yast installs squirrelmail in the wrong location.

    If you get the source of .php files, php is not enabled in the website were you installed squirrelmail. Make sure to enable the php checkbox and for suse you will have to change the php configuration type from 'both' to 'addhandler' in config.inc.php as described here:

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    Thanks for the info, the system is now working without issue.

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