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    Assume I have primary server for domain email - lets say: example.com

    I have installed new ISPConfig3 server for email following "Perfect setup for Ubuntu 12.04LTS".
    Also created mail domain example.com, with domain alias test.example.com
    Added few users.

    Same users were redirected from old to new server domain alias [email protected]

    Everything is OK till user from new server try sending email to same domain, but user only on old server.
    pops up "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table. Please check the message recipient [email protected] and try again."

    Now, I have to add that user to new server, create mail route for this address, and add Relay Recipients.
    Then email travels to old server fine.

    Google Apps have a tick box, and all mail for non existing domain users are routed to old mail server.

    Is it possible to add rules to route all mail of non existing users in that domain to old server ?
    Its OK with few couple of users, but it is problem with few hundreds of users to migrate :eek:

    Thanks for you time
  2. LGM

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    Mail routing


    So have you setup an mx record in your new dns zone "test.example.com" ? So your existing mail server (servicing "example.com") knows where to forward mail for your new domain? Have a look at the Bind and DNS howtos on this site, if you decide to do it this way.

    If you're using postfix as your smtp server (which appears to be the smtp server supported by ispconfig), you can setup mail routing rules which aren't dependent on / over ride mx records (in fact mail routing is standard concept regardless of the server implementation). These rules definitely do not have to be user specific, in fact it would be very rare / unlikely for a sysadmin to entertain setting up mail routing rules for each and every mail user individually. So if you the way your doing it, is per user only, then you're not approaching it the right way, in fact it sounds like you maybe trying to route mail using the POP server. Definitely time for you to RTFM for your smtp server application.

    The only other thing is you may need to set each on your mail servers is to except mail from each other, without opening them up to whole world (this is really bad, called "open relays", it will get you blacklisted if connected directly to the Internet). If you're only ever routing mail destined for users configured on that server, then this will either be very easy or not required.

    Have fun.

    ps If you don't know what RTFM is, then acronymfinder.com or google it and welcome to the wonderful world of sysadmin.
  3. TomasZu

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    Maybe I wasnt very clear:

    Old server users sends and receive mail just fine (insinde and outside).
    Mail for new server users a forwarded to new domain alias, and all works good.

    New server users sends and receives mail OUTSIDE domain (ex google, yahoo) just fine.
    Problem is when sending mail INSIDE same domain users, but still residing on old server.

    For the moment for every user still on old server, I create mail route.

    But I believe there should be some trick to route all non existing users :confused:
  4. LGM

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    Internal mail routing


    OK, sorry, I didn't get that from your original post, I may have misread it.

    So are the users you need to route mail for between servers, in the "example.com" domain or the "test.example.com" domain?


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