SPF Issues and Outside relays

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by jsmwalker, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Have just setup ubuntu SpamSnake (1st Version), all up and working fine, however one small issue I am having is with SPF records with HardFail directives, basically at present we have an outside relay (which will be cancelled as soon as we are happy spamsnake is working) which I have added into the spam.assassin.conf in the maiscanner directory as trusted_networks, however the emails are still been rejected due to SA seeing the SPF sender as the relay, not the originally sender.

    Any ideas? Failing that, is there a way to disable the HardFail directive and accept it with additional spam loading?


  2. falko

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    You could add the relay server to your SPF record.
  3. jsmwalker

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    Hi Falco,

    Sorry mate, think you misunderstood, it was other peoples SPF records causing the problems.

    However after thinking slightly more clearly this morning it struck me that it wasn't SA that was causing the issue but postfix itself, however managed to solve the issue, however not in the perfect way, have added the relays to mynetworks which is a little dodgy as this gives them full relay permissions which is not perfect, however cant see any other way to do this.

    I would have expected there to be an option to add in relays so it just ignores these servers in the headers, but from the way I can see i've set it up it ignores all the security in postfix as it sees everything come from a trusted source...

    Anyway hope that makes sense

    p.s. if anyone knows how to add into postfix as relay's rather then as mynetworks (which my understanding are fully trusted) let me know.

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