SpamStats - A Spam Statistics Reporting Package

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Would a Spam Reporting tool be a plus for your ISP?

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  1. Yes, finally, awesome!

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  2. Any new or differentiating feature is a plus

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  3. Users want Web, Mail and Rankings so this means nothing to them

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  4. Why did you bother? / We've already got one!

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  1. Feanwulf

    Feanwulf New Member

    Okay i found my error - regarding the command

    cp /home/admispconfig/.../...

    The directory i should copy that File was not availaible on my server (debian etch) so i created it which of course did not help because perl was not looking in my created directories.

    I remembered that i can check what spamassassin is doing with:

    /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/tools/spamassassin/usr/bin/spamassassin --lint
    Which gave me several errors, that is not in the right directory.

    After copying to

    Everything worked like intented :)
  2. NightCoder

    NightCoder ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Good to hear .. and good work.
  3. sonoracomm

    sonoracomm New Member

    Hi and thanks for this cool package.

    I got it installed and working quite easily and it's very interesting.

    However I have determined it is of quite limited use for me as I have tweaked my ISPC server configuration so that it uses a much-enhanced clamd A/V scanner to block the majority of spam before it gets to spamassassin, therefore greatly corrupting the statistics this tool provides. Bummer.

    Is there a way to add clamav stats to this?

  4. matrixn

    matrixn New Member


    i was thinking if there is a way to add daily statistics to spamstats... if yes.. what i have to modify... and where.

    thanks in advance

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