Spamsnake on Ubuntu 8.04 question

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Thomas_Powers, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Thomas_Powers

    Thomas_Powers New Member

    Hello How To Guys,

    A great thanks to you all for posting the spam snake how to and to Rocky for walking me through my follish mistakes. We have it running at a little ISP when their barracuda crapped out. It's taking 102,000 messages a day and blocking 98.8% of them.

    My concern is disk usage and database size. As this continues for these guys, we are watching about 1 % of disk space go down each day. Is there a script that we can run/schedule to purge off old messages from the database and to purge down the mail log? Say keeping only 30 days on line or so?

    All help is appreciated!!

    Tom P
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You can find the logrotation settings in /etc/logrotate.conf and in the /etc/logrotate.d directory. You can adjust the settings to keep the mail log for only 30 days. Restart logrotate afterwards.
  3. Thomas_Powers

    Thomas_Powers New Member

    OK...thats cool

    So those settings affect the mail log, how does one control the size of the mysql database and purge it after 30 days?

  4. Rocky

    Rocky Member


    To keep 30 days of mails, edit /var/www/mailscanner/conf.php and change:
    define(QUARANTINE_DAYS_TO_KEEP, 30);
    Section 9.14 of The Spamsnake guide has what you're looking for. It instructs how to setup a script to keep the quarantine directory clean with only the amount of days you allow and another to keep mysql clean.

    Good Luck!

  5. alfonz.senki

    alfonz.senki New Member

    After cron update-relay-recipient, emails not delivered

    Hello Rocky!

    i have little bit confusion with getadsmtp.p and
    The scripts works great (get userlist from AD, and update the /etc/postfix/relay_recipients list, but after when cron run the script, the recipients cannot get email, the gld is started :

    but email not scanned, not delivered to valid recipient, connection closed. (after waiting 15 min.)

    and if i do a postfix reload or restart, Spansnake work perfectly.

    My postfiy reload/restart method:

    any idea?
    its works too:
    do i need postfix reload after this??

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  6. alfonz.senki

    alfonz.senki New Member

    Sorry for disturbing, im not a professional Linux admin, but i find this in the mail.log, and i don't undestand why this mail was delivered:

    ...virus found and delivered??

    Mailwatch says:

    why delivered?? Or uninfected and delivered??

    ... beginners luck

    Thx the explanation...


    to learn, to learn, to learn - Lenin
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  7. Topper_78

    Topper_78 New Member

    Hello alfonz.senki, have you found a solution? I've the exact same problem here. Debian Etch with MailScanner, Clamav and Sanesecurity signatures. When Clamav found a infected message against the Sanesecurity signatures MailScanner deliver the message as uninfected. Otherwise if the message is found infected by Clamav with the standard signatures the message in quarantined and not delivered.
  8. Rocky

    Rocky Member


    That is a weird issue. I don't have that issue with my setup so for me to troubleshoot would be hard. I would recommend looking through mailscanner.conf and checking out the dangerous content section. Maybe there is something in there that you can use to block those messages containing viruses.


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