SpamSnake Jaunty Jackalope - Miss spell? (clamav-module)

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by mrtero, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. mrtero

    mrtero New Member


    Could just be me, but i cant seem to find the package clamav-module that is referred to in The Perfect SpamSnake - Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope

    Anyone got a tips? =) :p

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  2. moomooboy

    moomooboy New Member

    Yes i also have this issue

    So i'm assuming it's clamav by itself.i know i'm probably 100% wrong lol :p

    since i'm new to linux
  3. mrtero

    mrtero New Member

    Heh :p I wouldn't know either .
    I'm just an apprentice trying to find a solution for a internet gateway.

    Appreciate that you came with your ideas tho :D
    to little of those around ;D

    Keep it up and you'll be an expert in no time ;D
  4. mrtero

    mrtero New Member

    a minor update if anyone has the some problem:

    I installed clamav package instead, and will try to run with that, although, not sure if this will be the optimal solution, nor sure if it will work with the SpamSnake guide :p
  5. moomooboy

    moomooboy New Member

    clamav vs clamavmodule

    I've been googling too and they mention that clamavmodule is much faster than clamav in scanning, but it seems to be clamavmodule is some sort of perl module ..

    and my perl skills are close to none..:(
  6. mrtero

    mrtero New Member

    Cant say that I know to much about that myself either :p sorry ^^
    But then again, do I need it? guess i will setup this guide as is for now, and from time to time check up on how this server is =) This will only be a beta period. so no biggi if my server is to slow with the mail :p
  7. peterwbowey

    peterwbowey New Member

    How to install the 'SpamSnake' clamav-module

    Steps to get and install the [Spam Snake] clamav-module:

    Be sure you have perl installed... (if not use: aptitude install perl) then enter:

    perl -MCPAN -e shell

    If you are prompted if you want to configure perl automatically choose: yes

    When you are at [cpan] prompt enter (steps 1-7):

    1) install CPAN (gets any upgrades for perl / cpan)

    2) reload cpan (reload any new version)​
    3) test File::Scan::ClamAV (it will download the ClamAV module)​
    4) look File::Scan::ClamAV (shell to the ClamAV area)​
    5) make install (will perform the ClamAV-module install)​
    6) exit​
    7) quit​

    All done, now we have the ClamAV-Module!

    UPDATE: You will likely find that continuing with the [SpamSnake] setup that there will be other missing PERL modules:

    I outline the steps to resolve this (it was hard) - and it now works:

    Type: (at Linux command line)

    cpan -i ExtUtils::Command::MM
    aptitude install libconvert-binhex-perl
    cpan -i Checker::ISA
    cpan -i Archive::Zip
    aptitude install libyaml-perl
    cpan -i OLE::Storage_Lite

    Now we are almost there: - see if it now works OK

    Test the final perl setup with this:


    Peter Bowey
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  8. moomooboy

    moomooboy New Member

    Thanks Peter

    Your a champ!;)
  9. peterwbowey

    peterwbowey New Member

    Part 2: SpamSnake and

    If you found that you hit further problems (I did), then please see the same post. I have updated it when I struck 'further' problems. :)

    Peter :rolleyes:
  10. mrtero

    mrtero New Member

    Great post, thanks peterwbowey =D

    All the best!
  11. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    Sorry for all the confusion guys, but it's supposed to be the clamav-daemon, not module.

    Was on vacation and didn't have access to the net.

  12. mrtero

    mrtero New Member

    clamav-daemon : )
    Cool, thanks ! :D

    Hope you had a great vacation ^^

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