SpamSnake as Backup MX

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  1. getrav

    getrav New Member

    How hard would it be to make the SpamSnake a backup MX?

    Can spamsnake do this already?

    There are instructions here but I'm not sure how to adapt them here.

    Please help.
  2. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    The SpamSnake can easily be converted to a backup mx because it serves the purpose of a mail gateway. Basically, when you setup your mx records, you can specify your SpamSnake to be the higher of the two, therefore making your SpamSnake your backup mx.

    The server with the lowest priority, eg 10, gets hit first and the one with the higher priority, eg 100, gets hit last.

    In the event that your primary mx goes down, your backup mx will catch all mails and function accordingly.
  3. getrav

    getrav New Member

    Please update the HOWTO

    Would you please post instructions on how to do this?
    Better yet, could you please update the HOWTO?
    I'm a total newbie and I just digested a horse load of info with your spamsnake.

  4. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    If you're not using the SpamSnake to store local mails, then just follow the tutorial as is.

    The only change would be an addition to you mx records. You'll have to create one for your SpamSnake and give it a priority higher than your mail server/primary mx.
  5. getrav

    getrav New Member

    Backup MX

    Thanks a 100 tons Rocky. This spamsnake is almost ready to roll.

    This is my plan:
    I am going to deploy 3 spamsnakes at 3 different locations. All are sites are connected thru VPN.
    I'm going to create the appropriate mx records and just point all the spamsnakes to my exchange server.

    Please correct me if I'm not hearing you right:
    I don't need to make any changes to SpamSnake for it to act as a backup MX

    So if the first site goes down, the other site will hold the mail until the 1st site comes back up.
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  6. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    So you're looking to have 3 mx forwarding your mails to your exchange?

    If that's the case, then yes. Your setup will work accordingly. Just be sure to set the priorities on the mx records.

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